Kiteboarding lessons Maine and New Hampshire

We provide PASA ( Professional Air Sports Association ) and IKO International Kiteboarding Organization certified lessons for year round kiteboarding lessons.

Kiteboarding in Maine and New Hampshire have excellent riding for all abilities and taking lessons absolutely is a great idea to learn the first time how the sport works safely.

We start people out with the fundamentals and quickly move on as the student is ready and comfortable 

 Please feel free to call or email for more info and we can certainly get you going with lessons and gear needs for kiteboarding year yound!



Vermont Kiteboarding Lessons


Kiteboarding in Vermont is certainly one of the greatest riding areas in fresh water!


Taking kiteboarding lessons can be one of the best ways to excel fast at many of the skills needed for safe, independent, enjoyable experiences.


We teach everything from basic flying to self-rescue and even kite repair 


Give us a shout by phone or email and we can happily get you flying!


Phone: 603-986-1874